Hedvig & Hedda

In the north of Norway, in a time long before the internet and online shopping, Hedvig Sagfjord Opshaug’s mother stayed perennially chic, using her eye for quality to pick up pieces whilst travelling. Having passed that hawk-like eye for beauty on to street style star and friend of Bally, Hedvig, it is the scene-stealing Hedda that proves style is all in the family. Here, Hedvig talks to Bally about mother-daughter style and dressing.

Have you been influenced by your mother’s style?

Absolutely, though we've never really dressed the same way. She's probably the one to blame for my approach to great tailoring, attraction to minimalism, and my obsessiveness for outstanding knitwear - it's always been down to the details. My mum has always been super chic and still is, and being a very creative skilled knitter and seamstress herself all her life, she always made me and my sister the most beautiful shirts, dresses and jackets, and that also went for knitwear of all shapes which she has been producing like a machine over the years. Luckily she's been preserving the most gorgeous pieces she made for herself in the eighties and nineties - pieces I now steal from her - whilst she's always working on new styles, and many of them now for Hedda. So to sum it up, I have indeed been influenced by my mum, most importantly she's taught me appreciation of craftsmanship, with a relaxed approach to getting dressed, but always with a flair of statement.

Is there a style secret your mother passed on to you that you’ll pass on to your daughter?

Since I was little I picked up from my mother that body awareness, posture, confidence and good energy will get you a long way. That, and the appreciation of high quality traditional knitwear produced under a labour of love, are things I'm sure I've passed on to my daughter already.

Does your daughter want to dress like her mum?

Maybe a little, but I work in fashion so she's exposed to daily deliveries of bags, shoes and other fashion items, so she’s rather relaxed about it all. Fashion or appearance aren't really topics in our home, and I'm very conscious about keeping it that way. However, though she adores her dresses, she think it's much cooler to wear jeans on days I'm wearing it. The same goes with colours, style of shoes, handbags, but most importantly for her, her little wooden camera - just like her mum.