Bally x Soieries du Mekong 2018

Bally continues its collaboration with Soieries du Mekong to produce a range of scarves for men and women in Cambodia. Read more on the official Bally website.

Soieries Du Mekong

Since late 2016, Bally has held a partnership with French NGO Soieries du Mekong, an approved social enterprise that helps women in rural areas of Cambodia by offering sustainable employment that involves the development of their extensive hand-weaving skills and knowledge. For Autumn Winter 2018, Bally continues to work with Soieries du Mekong, introducing four scarves – two for men, and two for women – that sit alongside the current collection, with an emphasis on the statement check pattern. The artisans craft every scarf by hand, each one made from supple Cambodian silk dyed in exclusive colourways that match the mood for the season.

The women that Soieries du Mekong employ – such as Liv Chhorvin, from Banteay Chhmar in Cambodia – are involved in every step of the production of the scarves, which are designed by Bally. From the extensive dyeing techniques in multiple colours, to the addition of the silk threads on the spool, to setting up the warp and loom and beyond, the women of Soieries du Mekong are truly experts in their craft. Effortlessly passing each thread of silk through a reed, and subsequently knotting these to the various components of the weaving machines such as the frame and pedals, the women are likened to piano players, utilising both of their hands and feet to work in a coordinated rhythm, requiring intense concentration and skill to achieve the tightly woven, ultra-soft end product – a masterfully made, handcrafted and hand woven Bally scarf.

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This extensive work is done for each and every single one of the limited edition scarves, with each scarf being truly unique in the way that it has been hand woven. With such knowledge at their fingertips, each of the women employed by Soieries du Mekong are not only experts, but true artisans, creating masterful Cambodian silk scarves in a manner that embodies the kind of skills and artistry that mirrors Bally’s rich heritage and expert craftsmanship.

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